Sunday, April 14, 2013

Morals, Integrity and Lack Thereof...

I'm proud to be an American. I'm glad to live in a country that not only provides for those who need assistance in the form of welfare or food stamps, but encourages us to not work so that we partake of the kool-aid. Isn't this today's consensus?

I'm proud to live in a country that has decided to make my decisions for me and my family. Yes, it is a great idea to get away from saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" everyday in school. Why bother? We ignore everything in it. I'm not smart enough to decide if I should own a gun or several guns. I have to count my blessings that these dangerous weapons in my possession have not gotten up during the night and massacred all of us in the house! You don't need a second grade education to see that crime rates are lowest where law abiding citizens have access to and the legal ability to own, possess and carry firearms. I don't need to have a say about our borders, let's invite everybody over. It's not enough of a burden that we have homeless people, starving children, and mistreated veterans, let's open the floodgates so that we can provide for all of those who came here illegally. My kids may not be able to afford tuition, but let's pay for or give discounts to those who have done nothing to earn it.

I am in my second term of not having a president (small letter on purpose). I cannot support or recognize a man who hides his past, does everything in his power to avoid our legal system of checks and balances that keeps our government honest and on track. Executive Privilege is what he seems to understand. This is NOT how politicians are to govern. When you spend so much time and money running for office, then assume that office and all of the good or bad that goes with it. The man in the white house now spends too mcuh time pointing fingers, blaming others and letting others assume responsibility that should be his.

I don't understand how we, as a nation, can cry and mourn over the loss of those at Columbine, in Aurora, CO, or those precious young children in Newtown, CT, yet not blink an eye knowing that well over one million abortions are performed every year. Not for medical reasons. Not due to rape. But primarily because folks are too lazy or cheap to use birth control. If you really want to be pro-choice, then choose to use protection, abstain, or have the child. Those options would be "pro". Anything else is "con".

I remember a time when you could watch the news, and get news. Hard news. Not entertainment. Not sensationalism. People went out and gathered facts. They dug up stories. They reported truths. Journalists had integrity. They had a sense of pride in what they did. Now you see news stories full of misspelled words, poor grammar, and bad information. They don't search out stories, they just relay press releases with no fact checking.

When you live under a would be ruler who believes that you have to spend to reduce debt, then I worry and pray for the future of my children and grand children. When the national media machine regurgitates propaganda vs working as a watchdog, then I worry about the future. So far this year, my paycheck has gone down, my health insurance has gone up substantially. Yet, the government wants to run the healthcare industry. They call if Affordable. Well, it was bad, now it is worse. Our government does not belong in the private sector.

Our government has too many "life long" politicians in office. It is time to clean house, flush the system, or whatever you want to call it. Pay attention. If your representative is not representing you, then do something. Elected officials are public servants. They are to serve. Not rule. Not dictate. They ARE to respect and represent their constituents. One way or another, it is time for change.

It is a shame that we live in a world where we are too busy apologizing for being Americans and for what we believe in than standing up for what we used to be. A world class, world leading country that was once feared, now scorned and ridiculed. Why are we worried about offending other nations because our belief system is different? Why are we apologizing? Why does the leader of the greatest nation on the planet "bow" to foreign leaders? Why are we sending our dollars and military equipment and secrets to our enemies, while we have so many problems at home? It is time that Americans started supporting Americans and taking care of our own. We can't take care of the world. Let's start with our own backyard.

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